The Science Behind

The science behind your Bodywell Chip


So, how was this little chip developed?

Increasingly, the radiation absorbed through cellphone use is being questioned in cases of brain tumors, headaches and fatigue as well as for loss of sleep and memory. It’s important to find sensible prevention today so we don’t discover the risks of this radiation from real-life experience.

The Bodywell Chip is that prevention, created with a proprietary ‘imprint method’ that does not resort to the questionable methods of blocking or shielding radiation waves.

To develop this extraordinary chip, our team of scientists in Switzerland studied the behavior of cellphone radiation and how it is absorbed by the human body.

Here's what they found

So, how was this little chip developed?

Human body cells use carefully balanced frequencies to store and transmit information between the brain and nervous system. These are easily disrupted by electromagnetic waves (EMW) from sources such as cellphones, cordless phones, tablets, routers, desktop and laptop computers.

  • The concern. The damage that occurs when electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by the brain and body is of significant scientific concern and debate
  • The breakthrough. Recent scientific discoveries in conjunction with technological advances allowed building the proprietary innovation of the Bodywell Chip that reduces energy absorption by biological cells when exposed to RF-EM waves emitted from wireless devices.
  • The testing. Our scientists tested the biological effects of the Chip imprinted with MobileTec™ technology, achieving positive results in areas such as pH balance and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) reduction. Ongoing research can lead to many additional applications in the medical field.
  • The verification. Seven years of research and three years of testing culminated in tests conducted in an FCC-certified lab using the exacting methods outlined by the FCC. These tests perfectly mirrored the tests cellphone-makers use to measure SAR in new phones.
  • The immediate results. In test after test, the Bodywell Chip dramatically reduced SAR for all tested phones.
  • The ongoing results. Our most recent study shows the SAR lowered by over 65% on the iPhone 5 and 80.3% on the Galaxy S3, with no effect on the cellphone’s reception.