Italian Court Rules Cellphone Caused Tumor

Italian Court Rules Cellphone Caused Tumor

November 16, 2017

ROME | OCT. 2012 — An retired Italian businessman won the right to worker’s compensation for a brain tumor he developed while working. Italy’s highest court ruled that the tumor was caused by the cellphone he held to his ear for hours daily.

Innocente Marcolini, whose face is partially paralyzed, argued that using cell and portable phones six hours a day for 12 years while dealing with clients in China and elsewhere overseas caused the tumor on the trigeminal nerve in his head.

His lawyers presented doctors who testified that excessive cell phone use increases risk of such tumors.

Oncologist and professor of environmental mutagenesis Angelo Gino Levis, who gave evidence during the court hearing, said that the ruling was “extremely important.”

“Finally a correlation has been officially recognized between electromagnetic waves and development of tumors in spite of the anti-alarmist propaganda and research financed by mobile phone manufacturers,” Levis told the Corriere. He stressed that after working on several case studies the relationship between the use of mobile phones and the increased risk of brain tumors is proven.

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